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About Us

Founded in February of 2014 and based in London, United kingdom, SwaappEx is a platform with a trusted community of travellers, holidaymakers, overseas students... to advertise their leftover travel money from past vacations or simply a business trip and to discover other great exchange currency deals posted by family or friends via their facebook network or other users via SwaappEx’s marketplace from around the world, viewing them on online with our mobile phone app (iOS and Android) and facebook app.

Tired of loose currency in your pocket after a trip abroad? 

SwaappEx is a new and clever social app to exchange travel money. Swap currencies with family, friends and other users and skip commissions and hidden fees of all intermediates, now you are able to exchange at the "real market price".

SwaappEx is a revolutionary social app that puts the power of currency exchange in your pocket.  By combining geolocation technology with person-to-person exchange, SwaappEx connects users who need to exchange leftover travel money or convert currency for a trip abroad.

Proud of our growing social community of users, SwaappEx is the easiest way for people to monetise their leftover travel money and showcase it to an audience of millions around the owrld wherever they travel.

Based at

L39 - Technology Accelerator

Welcome to SwaappEx

Hi there, I’m Ricky Lee, the founder of SwaappEx.

SwaappEx is a self-funded startup in London, aiming to change the way PEOPLE EXCHANGE their travel money.

I have driven the companies design, strategy and growth for the last year. Success without my team’s support wouldn't of been possible, so thanks to their help we are now finally launching. We are currently 7 MEMBERS IN TOTAL and looking to grow in the next few months with the success of our platform.

As an experienced product designer and detailed in user experience, my vision is to provide a fabulous easy-to-use community platform for all sorts of people to communicate in a unique way for all of us to get rid of our leftover travel money.

TAKEN from several different resources, the market size of leftover holiday money in the UK WAS estimated to be over a staggering £3 billion (last recorded in 2014). Think about how MUCH FOREIGN CURRENCY IS THERE STILL TUCKED AWAY in your CLOSET? With SwaappEx, now is the time for you to get those foreign coins and notes back in YOUR POCKET IN A CURRENCY YOU CAN USE!

Welcome to the new Social Currency Exchange age!