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Frequent Asked Questions

Using the app

1. Where can I get SwaappEx?

SwaappEx is available in the AppStore store for iOS and as a Facebook app for mobile. Android versions will be available soon.

2. How do I find people to swap with?

Simply tell the app which currency you’d like to exchange, and it will tell you who can swap with you. If you use the Facebook app, it will show you your friends and family first, then friends of friends and so forth.

3. How are the exchange rates set?

The rates are the real live market rates – we don’t tamper with them.

4. How much does it cost to use SwaappEx?

SwaappEx is FREE. You also have the option to pay £0.99 to upgrade to the version without advertising.

5. How does SwaappEx make money?

We only make money from advertising and paid app downloads.

6. Can I sign up without Facebook?

Yes. You can sign up with email too, although we recommend you use your Facebook account if you have one as it earns you more creditability. We will integrate more social media options, such as WeChat and LinkedIn in future.

7. I already have a Facebook profile, why do I need a SwaappEx profile as well?

SwaappEx strictly protects your privacy and never discloses your personal information to other users or any third party. That’s why you need a stand-alone SwaappEx profile.

8. Why does SwaappEx ask for my location?

SwaappEx aims to provide you with best deals near you (in a 25km radius) so you can easily meet up and swap. We will never disclose your exact location, only a rough indication.

9. Should I turn on GPS?

We recommend you do. SwaappEx can give you better deals in your area with more accurate information.

10. How many ads can I post?

As many as you like: there’s no limit. Even if you have currency from over 20 countries, you can list it all and swap it for the currency you want to use.

11. Is there a limit on the amount of currency I can post?

Yes. The maximum amount per post is 3,000 GBP, 3,000 EURO or 3,000 USD.

12. I can’t find my ads…

You can see the ads you post on ‘My Ads’ page. SwaappEx only displays good deals near you on the main ‘Currency Deals’ page.

13. How long are ads valid for?

Every ad posted on SwaappEx is valid for two weeks. It’s a fast-moving field and we aim to help people to save time.

14. Can I use SwaappEx abroad?

(We suggest you to use the Wi-Fi network to avoid data charges, unless you have a bundle package from your mobile provider.)

15. What countries is SwaappEx valid in?

SwaappEx is valid worldwide in the App Store, and is available in every country. Available languages include English, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Chinese, Portuguese and French, and we’re working on expanding.

16. Can I exchange any currency?

In theory, yes. In practice the availability of currency depends on the users of the app and what they’ve got in their pockets.

17. Does SwaappEx have a rating system?

Yes we have a rating system in place that calculates the number of successful deals that the users make. We will be integrating a more of an advanced rating with review system in the next updates of the app.

18. Can I report inappropriate content?

Yes. You can flag inappropriate posts in the right bottom corner of the ad page.


1. Is SwaappEx safe to use?

Yes. We’re 100% committed to making sure your experience on SwaappEx is safe, enjoyable and transparent. You don’t need to give anyone any of your personal information to swap currencies with them. If you’re swapping with a stranger, simply arrange to meet in a convenient public place such as a café, square, airport or station to complete your final transaction in person.

2. How do I know if someone is trustworthy?

On registering for an account on SwaappEx, we ask users to register with Facebook, WeChat and Weibo as these social networks are good tools for identity verification. We also have the email registry option for countries that don’t use these social networks. In future, we’ll add more social networks to our sign up and verification process.

3. What about my privacy?

SwaappEx doesn’t track your location, disclose your information, or sell your data to third party companies. We only track your location when you allow us to and to display the currency deals around you.

4. Exclusion of Liability

SwaappEx kindly recommends you don’t take unnecessary risks, such as meeting up with strangers at home or after dark in questionable places (think: alleys, subways etc). We are 100% committed to making sure your experience on SwaappEx is safe, enjoyable and transparent, but we can’t bear liability for damages of any kind caused to users as a result of carelessness and bad judgement when choosing people and locations to meet up.


1. Where should I meet other swappers? Any recommendations?

Good locations are airports, train and bus stations, cafes, shopping centres and public squares (during the day).

2. Anything I should keep in mind when uploading my profile picture?

We recommend you to upload a clear and natural profile picture of you, so the person you’re swapping with can recognise you.

3. What should I put on the brief description of the ads?

We have a default message explaining who you are, what currency you want and the amount. If you have specific requirement, feel free to be as descriptive as you can.